Your Donation Can Make A Difference

While many mothers grasp the gift they hold when their children are born, few understand the treasure that remains in the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. These tissue products once protected and nourished the baby in the womb. Now they can provide healing and health to many who are suffering.

At TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group, we not only collect these miraculous products from mothers who donate them, but we also strive to educate people about the astounding benefits of birth tissue. When they realize the benefits they can provide for others, many mothers happily donate their birth tissue.

Limitless Possibilities

Once a baby is born, he or she no longer needs the placenta and other tissues. In fact, in most cases, the birthing room staff discards these items as medical waste. When mothers agree to donate them, birth tissue can offer relief in hundreds of ways, including these:

Virtually every branch of medicine can benefit from birth tissue, and researchers continue to discover new uses. The miraculous properties in birth tissue can promote the body’s own healing process, reduce the amount of pain and suffering a patient may experience, speed patient recovery, and offer fewer negative side effects, such as swelling and scarring.

Are You Convinced?

Perhaps you are concerned about the risk to you or your child during the recovery of the birth tissue. However, the recovery process takes place after your child is born, so there is no danger to the baby or to you.

Nevertheless, you may have concerns or questions. Call TriForLife at 423-900-8495 to learn whether you are eligible for birth tissue donation and where there is a participating hospital near you. We will be happy to address your concerns and put your mind at ease.

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