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Parents who are expecting a new baby understand the miracle that is happening in the womb. The various tissues that surround the child provide protection, nourishment and antibodies that allow the child to grow and develop. Medical science can also use the healing properties of these birth tissues to help many other people.

After a child is born, the placenta, the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid are all useful in a variety of clinical applications. The unique properties in these tissues accelerate the healing process for those who may otherwise suffer from debilitating wounds or prolonged surgical recovery. Unfortunately, after most babies are born, those miraculous tissues often end up discarded as medical waste. At TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group, we offer parents the opportunity to donate their baby’s birth tissue as a way of sharing their miracle with others.

Why Placenta Donation

What expecting mothers should know about the placenta donation process.

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How Donations Help

Learn how your birth tissue donation can help those who are suffering.

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Medical Uses For Tissues

Celebrate the miracle and learn the medical uses of the gift.

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Our purpose at TriForLife is to provide expectant mothers with the opportunity to participate in this natural healing process. By donating birth tissues, which otherwise become medical waste, mothers can share the celebration of birth with those in need. These gifts of hope and healing change the lives of others.

Donating Birth Tissue

TriForLife provides birth tissue recovery services to participating hospitals across the U.S. We are dedicated to promoting the benefits of placental tissues in medical applications and to assisting in the process of collecting and distributing tissues to those in need.

Parents who donate birth tissue may provide healing and relief to hundreds of others in the following ways:

Birth tissue has unique properties that reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, reduce the risk of infection and facilitate the body’s own healing process. Whether a patient is having routine surgery, recovering from an accident or struggling with wounds that will not heal, medical science is making remarkable strides using birth tissue.

Researchers in the field of regenerative medicine continue to find ways to use these miraculous materials to improve the quality of life for countless people.

How To Donate Your Birth Tissues

There is no cost to the parents who donate their birth tissue. Mothers who have no disqualifying medical conditions may be eligible to donate. The process of birth tissue donation is simple and painless. Because the collection of the placenta, umbilical cord or amniotic fluid occurs after the birth of the baby, there is no danger to the child or mother. Once the mother has given a small blood sample and completed the appropriate, confidential consent forms, we take care of the rest.

If you agree with our mission of celebrating the miracle of birth by sharing the gift of your birth tissue, contact us at TriForLife by calling 423-900-8495. We will provide you with a list of our affiliated hospitals across the country and answer any questions you may have.

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