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Who We Are.

At TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group, we are always amazed by the many and varied applications of birth tissue. This often-overlooked resource has already helped millions of people make rapid recoveries from injuries and wounds that otherwise would have become debilitating.

Is The Heart Of Our Mission

Birth Tissue Recovery Group

Our Team

TriForLife grew from the passionate belief that if more parents understood the benefits of birth tissue recovery, fewer people would have to suffer from debilitating wounds or prolonged surgical recoveries. Fostering this belief are the core team members at the heart of the operation:

Russell Adams


Rusty is responsible for the growth of the company. He oversees compliance and quality management so those who use our services are comfortable and satisfied with their experience. You can reach Rusty at [email protected].

Jayce Holley


Along with Rusty, Jayce shares the work of operational growth and efficiency. In addition, he handles the financial and fiduciary responsibilities. Jayce’s email address is [email protected].

Jeremy Adams

Vice President of Program Development

Jeremy interacts daily with doctors and processors to maximize each donation and build strong relationships with health care facilities.

triforlife lisa jenkins

Lisa Jenkins

Administrative Director

Lisa provides support and structure to the operations of TriForLife. This includes coordinating with the various departments and assisting the staff as needed.

You can call Lisa for more information or to ask any questions at (423) 900-8495

Our purpose at TriForLife is to provide expectant mothers with the opportunity to participate in this natural healing process. By donating birth tissues, which otherwise become medical waste, mothers can share the celebration of birth with those in need. These gifts of hope and healing change the lives of others.

What We Do

TriForLife is proud to be on the front lines of this exciting medical miracle. Headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, TriForLife partners with hospitals across the continental U.S. by offering the following services:

Our national network of affiliated hospitals continues to grow, and you can contact our headquarters to learn which hospitals near you participate in our birth tissue recovery program.

TriForLife employs trained professionals who work as recovery agents in hospitals and health care facilities across the country. We carefully screen and train our representatives to give our donors and recipients the most positive experience possible.

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We Can Answer Your Questions

Whether you are interested in donating birth tissue after the delivery of your child or you want to learn more about how to promote tissue donation in your hospital or birthing center, you can reach out to us for more information.

Call us at 423-900-8495, and we can answer your questions and provide you with details about our services.

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