TFL Presents Check to Princeton Community Hospital Foundation On Giving Tuesday.

Pictured below, from left, are President of TriForLife Russell Adams; PCH Birth Tissue Recovery Specialist Tammy Brooks; TriForLife Director of Operations Jeremy Adams; PCH President and CEO Karen Bowling; Director of PCH Foundation Crystal Mabe; Former Nurse Manager of the PCH Women’s Center Sandy Counts; and Nurse Manager of the PCH Women’s Center Angel French.

The TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group presented the Princeton Community Hospital Foundation with a donation of $10,000 for use with various programs to mark Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29.

Beginning in 2019, Princeton Community Hospital (PCH) and TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group partnered to offer birth tissue (placenta) donation as an option for new mothers in the Women’s Center.

After a child is born, the placenta, the umbilical cord, and the amniotic fluid are all useful in a variety of clinical applications. The unique properties in these tissues accelerate the healing process for those who may otherwise suffer from debilitating wounds or prolonged surgical recovery. Unfortunately, after most babies are born, those miraculous tissues often end up discarded as medical waste. TriForLife Birth Tissue Recovery Group offers parents the opportunity to donate their baby’s birth tissue as a way of sharing their miracle with others. Eighty-five percent of new mothers at PCH’s Women’s Center elect to donate their birth tissue. 

In October alone, birth tissue from the Women’s Center was used for 1,025 amniotic membrane grafts, 140 umbilical cord grafts, and 50 amniotic fluid grafts.

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