What Expecting Parents Ought To Know About Tissue Donation


Welcoming a new child into the world is a truly miraculous experience, and expecting parents understand this better than anyone else. But what these parents might not realize is that the birth experience could be something bigger. Through birth tissue donation, birth mothers have a very precious gift to share with the world.

Birth tissue can help people experiencing a number of different medical problems. A lot of these health issues are difficult to treat with other approaches, making birth tissue donation a unique opportunity to help others. When you choose to donate birth tissue, you are also choosing to start your child’s life with a selfless act.

What is birth tissue?

Gestational tissue supports the growth and well-being of babies as they grow in the uterus. This tissue is expelled during birth, hence the term birth tissue. Gestational tissue includes a number of different tissues, some of which you might already be familiar with:

  • Placenta
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Amniotic membrane
  • Umbilical cord, including tissue and veins
  • Chorionic membrane

Birth tissue is so much more than the remnants of the baby’s gestational support system. The cellular components improve healing time for many different medical procedures and even reduce the risk of infection. However, birth tissue can only help if you choose donation.

Why choose donation?

Birth tissue is an important addition to the medical world. Doctors use birth tissue during spinal surgeries, when performing skin grafts and in treating ophthalmic disease. People with diabetes can also benefit. When used to treat diabetic wounds, birth tissue can prevent risky infections that lead to amputation. These are only a few of the many different ways in which birth tissue can make a difference in the medical community. Best of all, the collection process does not interfere with or affect the birth process or health in any way.

The tissue that sustained your child’s life in the womb could either become medical waste or go on to change the course of another person’s life. When you choose to donate, you are helping people suffering from injuries and illnesses that are otherwise extremely debilitating and often painful to treat. Birth tissue donation is a beautiful way to honor the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth.

We would love to provide you with more information about birth tissue donation. To learn more call (423) 900-8495 to speak with someone in our Tennessee office or reach out with our Contact page.

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